Bondkick is an international financial technology company that helps businesses grow by bringing together the money that longs for growth and the companies in need of funding. We offer a convenient and flexible service that increases the earning potential of both the investors and the entrepreneurs.

Our portfolio includes loan products which are suitable companies of any credit history and operating experience. We provide our customers with long-awaited options for involving loan capital, including interest-only and complete bullet loans.

Bondkick thinks globally and acts across the borders. We develop links across Europe in order to enable investors to participate in international funding rounds, and borrowers to be able to present their proposals to a wider circle of investors. We are able to arrange financing rounds in various currencies in accordance with local regulations.

Bondkick is the new word in business funding, which is worth thinking about already at the beginning of the search for capital.

Osmussaare 8, B korpus
13811 Tallinn, Eesti