Grant Thornton Rimess Baltic

We at Grant Thornton Rimess would like to help our clients grow and develop. We give you the good advice on which to base your decisions, and our smart tools free up time you can devote to your core business.

As an owner or leader in a dynamic company, you certainly have an ambition to grow and develop your business. For some companies, the most important goal is perhaps to grow in terms of revenue; for others, the number of employees. For you, it may involve the development of your company’s product portfolio, innovation and employee competence. If you lead an organization with an ethical approach your focus is perhaps on contributing to the sustainable growth of society.

At Grant Thornton Rimess , we combine our expertise in our respective business areas with a long experience of having dealt with similar issues before. This combination of reason and instinct is what you benefit from when you work with us, whether it is on your company’s challenges or your own assets. All the above is neatly summarized by our brand promise: “An instinct for growth”.

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