Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance is the government’s expert in the implementation of tax, financial and fiscal policies, and setting economic goals.
We maintain a strong fiscal policy and a stable, simple tax system to provide maximum support for macroeconomic stability, the economy’s growth potential and employment, and to restore the competitiveness and reliability of the financial environment. Efficient cooperation with international organisations, especially with the European Union, is important to us, because the decisions made there have an ever-increasing impact on the national economic environment. Sustainable financing of the health care and pension insurance systems with an aging population is also a challenge. The importance of administrative policy is also growing, because combining the state’s support activities and coordinating public service converges in the Ministry of Finance.

The Ministry of Finance is an active how to lose weight in a month in the development of the government’s policy and is responsible for its implementation in its field – the government’s actions in the implementation of policies must be financed.

The main activity principle of the ministry is compliance of goals and resources. Goals must be set in such a manner that their achievement is realistic and that the necessary resources – the right people and money – are available.

Read the collaboration memorandum with FinanceEstonia (text in Estonian).

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FinanceEstonia collaboration partner through co-operation memorandum